Abrocomaphthirus chilensis (Gomez), new combination (Phthiraptera-Anoplura), an ecotoparasite of the Chilean rodent Abrocoma bennetti (Abrocomidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2000
Authors:L. A. Durden, Gomez M. S.
Journal:Journal de La Societe Francaise De Parasitologie
Pagination:331 - 332
Date Published:2000

The same species of sucking louse (Phthiraptera-Anoplura) from the Chilean abrocomid rodent Abrocoma bennetti Waterhouse, 1837 was recently described as Eulinognathus chilensis Gomez, 1998 and as Abrocomaphthirus hoplai Durden & Webb, 1999. We discuss the nomenclature of this louse and confirm that is correct name is now Abrocomaphthirus chilensis (Gomez, 1998). After comparing type specimens designated from each description, we also document some morphological variation within this species with respect to the paratergal plate on abdominal segment 3 in the female which usually has two relatively long apical setae, but occasionally has only one.

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