Arthropod and helminth parasites from the Plains Pocket Gopher, Geomys bursarius bursarius from the hosts' northern boundary range in Minnesota

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2000
Authors:M. H. Bartel, Gardner S. Lyell
Journal:Journal of Parasitology
Pagination:153 - 156
Date Published:2000
Keywords:Acanthocephala, animals, Arthropods/classification, Cestoda, Dermacentor, ectoparasite, fleas, Helminths, Intestinal Diseases, Parasitic/epidemiology/parasitology/veterinary, Mallophaga, Minnesota/epidemiology, Nematoda/isolation & purification, Prevalence, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't, Rodent Diseases/epidemiology/parasitology, rodentia

As part of a continuing and more general study of the diversity of parasites from subterranean mammals in central North America, individuals of the Plains Pocket Gopher, Geomys bursarius bursarius, were collected from 7 localities in northwestern Minnesota from September 1991 through October 1996. Arthropods collected included the fleas, Opisocrostis bruneri (4 of 124, 3.2%), Foxella ignota ignota (85 of 124, 68.5%); the chewing louse, Geomydoecus geomydis geomydis from 98 of 124 (79%), and larvae of the tick, Dermacentor variabilis (1 of 124, 0.8%). Nematodes found included Physaloptera limbata (2 of 118 gophers, 1.7%), Capillaria americana (4 of 118, 3.4%), and Ransomus rodentorum (31 of 118, 26.3%). Cestodes recovered included Anoplocephaloides infrequens (12 of 136 gophers, 8.8%), Anoplocephaloides variabilis (19 of 136, 14%), Andrya macrocephala (20 of 136, 14.7%), and Hymenolepis weldensis from 12 of 136, 8.8%. The acanthocephalan, Moniliformis clarki was found in 1 of 118 gophers (0.8%). No parasites were found in the cheek pouches, thoracic, or peritoneal cavities.

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