Comparative studies of external parasites and gastro-intestinal helminths of chickens kept under different management system in and around Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:W. Abebe, Asfaw, T., Genete, B., Kassa, B., Dorchies, P.
Journal:Revue De Medecine Veterinaire
Pagination:497 - 500
Date Published:1997
Keywords:Amblycera, Amoebotaenia, Ascaridia, cesticillus, chicken, Choanotaenia, Ctenocephalides, Cuclotogaster, Dermanysus, echinobothridia, Ethiopia, felis, goniocotes, Goniodes, Heterakis, heterographus, Hymenolepis, Ischnocera, Menacanthus, menopon, Raillietina, sphenoides, stramineus, Subulura, tetragona

An attempt was made to study the influence of management system on the status of parasitism in local and exotic breeds of domestic fowls kept in and around Addis Ababa. Significant differences (X-2 p < 0.05) in prevalence rate of internal and external parasites were found between different management system. Out of 93 chickens in cage system, the only detected ecto-parasite was Dermanysus gallinae Examination of 102 chickens kept under semi intensive system unveiled different species of lice such as Gonoides gigas (44.12%), Menopon gallinae (23.53%), Menacanthus stramineus (10.78%), Goniocotes gallinae (2.094%) and one species of mite (Dermanysus gallinae). While in free ranging chickens (n=109), six different species of lice : Menacanthus stramineus (26.6%), Menopon gallinae (60.55%), Gonoides gigas (78.9%), Goniocotes gallinae (10.09%) and Cuclotogaster heterographus (14.71%) were identified. In addition one species of mite (Dermanysus gallinae) and one species of flea Ctenocephalides felis (0.92%) were recorded. Examination of 98 gastro intestinal viscera from chickens kept in cage system showed negative results for helminth parasites. Whereas in semi intensive system (N = 104), 57.73% of chickens harboured at least one internal helminth parasite : Ascaridia galli (49.04%), Heterakis gallinarum (11.57%), Raillietina cesticillus (7.69%), Raillietina tetragona (1.92%) and Choanotaenia infundibulum (4.8%) were detected. Out of 95 chickens from free range system, 97.89% harboured at least one species of internal helminth parasite : Ascaridia galli (71.58%), Heterakis gallinarum (21.05%), Subulura brumpti (13.68%)., Raillietina cesticillus (37.87%), Raillietina echinobothridia (29.47%), Raillietina tetragona (26.32%), Choanotaenia infundibulum (22.16%), Amoebotaenia sphenoides (12.63%) and Hymenolepis carioca (5.26%).

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