The distribution of Mallophaga on the domestic pigeon (Columba livia)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1971
Authors:B. Clinton Nelson, Murray M. D.
Journal:International Journal for Parasitology
Pagination:21 - 29
Date Published:1971
Keywords:avian, Campanulotes, Colpocephalum, Columbia, Columbicola, distribution, domestic, host, lice, livia, Mallophaga, Pigeon, preening

The distribution of Hohorstiella lata, Colpocephalum turbinatum, Campanulotes bidentatus comparand Columbicola columbae on domestic pigeons was determined. Each species laid its eggs on a different part of the body but all fed on the fluffy part of the body feathers. H. lata also fed on blood and C. turbinatum on its own eggs and nymphs. Reduction of the efficiency of preening led to an increase in the number of lice and more widespread distribution of nymphs and adults but not to a rapid change in the distribution of the eggs. It is suggested that preening has played a major slective role, and that the morphological and behavioural adaptions of the lice are to ensure that they and their eggs survive this type of predation.

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