The early literature on Mallophaga. Part IV, 1787-1818

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1960
Authors:T. Clay, Hopkins G. H. E.
Journal:Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Entomology
Pagination:1 - 61
Date Published:1960

This, the fourth and final part of the series of papers reviewing the species of Mallophaga described between 1758 and 1818, deals with publications by J. C. Fabricius (1787, 1794, 1798, 1805); G. W. F. Panzer (1798); F. V. P. Schrank (1802, 1803); J. Fr. M. von Olfers (1816) and C. L. Nitzsch (1818).

Taxonomic name: 
Gliricola (Lice), Laemobothrion (Lice), Actornithophilus (Lice), Ancistrona (Lice), Austromenopon (Lice), Cuculiphilus (Lice), Dennyus (Lice), Menacanthus (Lice), Menopon (Lice), Myrsidea (Lice), Trinoton (Lice), Anaticola (Lice), Anatoecus (Lice), Ardeicola (Lice), Chelopistes (Lice), Columbicola (Lice), Craspedorrhynchus (Lice), Esthiopterum (Lice), Fulicoffula (Lice), Goniocotes (Lice), Goniodes (Lice), Incidifrons (Lice), Penenirmus (Lice), Philopterus (Lice), Quadraceps (Lice), Saemundssonia (Lice), Sturnidoecus (Lice), Upupicola (Lice), Ricinus (Lice), Damalinia (Lice), Trichodectes (Lice), Actornithophilus ochraceus (Lice), Actornithophilus totani (Lice), Ancistrona vagelli (Lice), Austromenopon phaeopodis (Lice), Menacanthus curuccae (Lice), Menacanthus stramineus (Lice), Menopon gallinae (Lice), Myrsidea cornicis (Lice), Myrsidea cucullaris (Lice), Trinoton anserinum (Lice), Anaticola anseris (Lice), Anaticola crassicornis (Lice), Anaticola mergiserrati (Lice), Anatoecus icterodes (Lice), Ardeicola ciconiae (Lice), Ardeicola tantali (Lice), Chelopistes meleagridis (Lice), Columbicola columbae (Lice), Craspedorrhynchus haematopus (Lice), Esthiopterum gruis (Lice), Fulicoffula lurida (Lice), Goniodes pavonis (Lice), Incidifrons fulicae (Lice), Penenirmus pici (Lice), Philopterus atratus (Lice), Philopterus citrinellae (Lice), Philopterus coarctatus (Lice), Philopterus corvi (Lice), Philopterus excisus (Lice), Quadraceps junceus (Lice), Sturnidoecus sturni (Lice), Upupicola upupae (Lice), Ricinus dolichocephalus (Lice), Ricinus elongatus (Lice), Ricinus fringillae (Lice), Ricinus rubeculae (Lice), Trichodectes canis (Lice), Trichodectes melis (Lice), Eulaemobothrion (Lice), Laemobothrion circi (Lice), Actornithophilus ochraceus (Lice), Cuculiphilus fasciatus (Lice), Anaticola anseris (Lice), Columbicola columbae (Lice), Columbicola filiformis (Lice), Penenirmus pici (Lice), Philopterus corvi (Lice), Philopterus corvi (Lice), Upupicola upupae (Lice), Trichodectes canis (Lice), Anoplura (Lice), Phthiraptera (Lice), Haematopus (Avian), Ovis (Mammal (Price et al)), Canis (Mammal (Price et al)), Canis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Ovis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder))
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