Ectoparasites of Siberian Jerboa, Allactaga sibirica Foster, from Kirghizstan

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1992
Authors:P. A. Chirov, Tranbaev J. M.
Pagination:209 - 215
Date Published:1992
Keywords:allactaga sibirica, arthropods, number, parasite

Studies on the Siberian jerboa Allactaga sibirica from the Issyk-Kul Lake region and Inner Tien-Shan have revealed a complex consisting of 47 species of parasitic arthropods belonging to four orders: Acariformes, Parasitiformes, Anoplura and Siphonaptera. In the Issyk-Kul Lake region the following species of this complex were most abundant: Androlaelaps semidesertus - abundance index (AI 73.7 %), Mesopsylla tuschkan kochkor (AI 52.3 %), Ophtalmopsylla volgensis (AI 44.8 %) in Inner Tien-Shan Dipolaelaps ubsunuris (AI 88.7 %) and Amphipsylla primaris (AI 83.2 %) The Siberian jerboa has close host-parasite relationships with the mites Cheyletus allactaga, Radfordia (Austromyobia) allactaga and the louse Eulinognathus allactagae. Index of similarity between the ectoparasite faunas of Siberian jerboa in the Issyk-Kul Lake region and Inner Tien- Shan amounted to 24.3 %.

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