Ein Beitrag zum Vorkommen stationär-parasitisch lebender Insekten bei Rotwild aus der Gehegehaltung in Deutschland

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:S. Rehbein, Visser M.
Journal:Wiener Tierärztliche Monatsschrift
Pagination:109 - 113
Date Published:1997
Keywords:Bovicola, cervidae, deer, Hypoderma, insects, Lipoptena, longicornis, parasite, Solenopotes

The hides and the heads of eight red deer carves from a red deer farm in Bavaria, Germany, were examined for the presence of parasitic arthropods in March, 1995. Sucking lice, Solenopotes burmeisteri, were recorded in all calves, biting lice, Bovicola longicornis, in five carves, keds, Lipoptena cervi, in three calves, and warble fly larvae Hypoderma diana, in one calf. The intensity of infestation was low for all species.

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