Elements for positive diagnosis of ectoparasitosis in ruminants

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:J. F. Lonneux, Losson B.
Journal:Point Veterinaire
Pagination:45 - 49
Date Published:1998
Keywords:Acari, arthropods, cattle, Diagnosis, ectoparasite, mange, parasite, Parasitology, Psoroptes ovis, ruminants

Ticks, tabanidae, muscidae cause ectoparasitoses on outdoor animals, and mites (mange and lice) on indoor ruminants. Usually the young are more sensitive than the adults. In bovine with lice, the pruritus causes hair lesions (broken hair), and alopecic areas. The clinical signs are worse in case of mange. The lesions are similar in sheep, but spread on different areas. Mange due to sarcoptes scabei can seriously affect the general condition of the affected sheep. The parasite is found insitu and by sampling (skin scrape). The analysis requires a magnifying glass or a microscope (4 figures,1 box, 57 references).

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