The genus Psittacobrosus (Mallophaga: Menoponidae) of the Neotropical Psittaciformes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1968
Authors:R. D. Price, Beer J. R.
Journal:Annals of the Entomological Society of America
Pagination:261 - 276
Date Published:1968
Keywords:beni, mtax, PHP

Descriptions and keys are given for the known species. The 11 new species and their type-hosts are : hyacinthini from Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus , rubrogenyisi from Ara rubrogenys , mitratae from Aratinga mitrata , farinosae from Amazona farinosa, chloropterae from Ara chloroptera. carriker i from Ara militaris. brotogerisi from Brotogeris jugularis , pyrrhureae from Pyrrhura picta, molinae from Pyrrhura molinae, patagoini from Cyanolisesus patagonus , and aratingae from Auatinga aurea. There are 2 new synonymies : P. genitalis Carriker (= Psittacobrosus nobilis Carriker) and P. forpi Carriker (= Colpocephalum burhinoides Carriker).

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