The Geomydoecus (Mallophaga, Trichodectidae) from the central American pocket gophers of the subgenus Macrogeomys (Rodentia, Geomyidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1985
Authors:R. D. Price, Hellenthal, R. A., Hafner, M. S.
Journal:Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington
Pagination:432 - 443
Date Published:1985
Keywords:mtax, PHP

Six species and subspecies of Geomydoecus from Orthogeomys (Macrogeomys) pocket gophers are described and illustrated: G. panamensis panamensis Price and Emerson from O. (M.) cavator (Bangs); G. p. dariensis Price and Emerson from O. (M.) dariensis (Goldman); G. setzeri Price and G. davidhafneri new species from O. (M.) underwoodi (Osgood) and O. (M.) cherriei (J. A. Allen); G. costaricensis Price and Emerson from three subspecies of O. (M.) heterodus (Peters); and G. cherriei Price from O. (M.) cherriei and O. (M.) matagalpae (J. A. Allen). Keys are provided for the identification of these six taxa.

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