The incidence of the head louse [pediculus humanus capitis] among pupils of two schools in Basrah city

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1993
Authors:N. H. Al-Affas
Journal:Journal of Community Medicine
Pagination:37 - 44
Date Published:1993

Of 1096 pupils examined by visual insection for head in two large schools, 25% were found to be infested, with infestation rates being higher in Al-Mutayha primary school [38%] compared with Al-Huryiah primary school [6%] over all girls appeared to have a higher infestation rate than boys. A lower infestation rate was found in younger pupils [6- 7 years] with a maximum rate in the 12-13 years old pupils A higher percemtage rate of infestation was observed in long and curly hair. Most of Al Huryiah pupils used a proper medicine for delousing while most of Al-mutayha pupils who had lice used the forbidden methods for delousing [e.g insecticidal powder or spray and kerosene].

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