Ischnocera (Mallophaga) infesting parrots (Psittaciformes) I. Genera Neopsittaconirmus Conci, 1942, and Psittaconirmus Harrison, 1915

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1974
Authors:L. R. Guimarães
Journal:Arquivos de Zoologia do Estado de São Paulo
Pagination:121 - 201
Date Published:1974
Keywords:mtax, PHP

This paper deals with the species of the genera Neopsittaconirmus Conci, 1942, and Psittaconirmus Harrison, 1915, found on Psittaciformes ; a new form of Neopsittaconirmus found on Falconiformes is also described. A list of the genera up to now erected for the species of Ischnocera found on parrots and a key to the genera accepted as valid by the A. are given. Lectotypes for Neopsittaconirmus circumfasciatus, N. interruptofasciatus, N. femoratus, N. albidus and N. piageti and Psittaconirmus australis and P. launceloti, and neotypes for N. taschenbergi ( = circumfasciatus) ,N. strepsiceros and N. anodis are selected. The following new species and new subspecies are described: Neopsittaconirmus clayae, N. andrettae, N. hoogstraali, N. wardi, N. jobiensis,N. meinertzhageni, N. elbeli, N. emersoni, N. abnormis, N. africanus, N. lybartota difficilis, N. g. gracilis, N. gracilis inexpectatus, Psittaconirmus comis, P. n. neumanni and P. neumanni concii. Nirmus trinotus, formerly included in Neopsittaconirmus, is here considered as incertae sedis; Lipeurus albus, L. capreolus and Lipeurus eos, formerly included in Neopsittaconirmus, and L. forficuloides, included in Psittaconirmus, are considered species inquirendae.

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