ISoP President

The President serves as the main spokesperson for the Society, receives key mail and messages about issues of general importance and responds to them. They are expected to give vision and direction to the society and to leave the group in better condition than when he/she took office. The President chairs all council meetings, works with the council to determine the meeting agenda and insures that all important matters are covered. The President works with the Program Chair to make sure the congress and council meetings are scheduled at an appropriate time and that all members of the council and committee chairs are notified in advance of the location and time of the meetings. The President interfaces with the Treasurer to make sure adequate funds are available and should be in regular contact with the website Editor. The President appoints committee members with the approval of the Council, serves as an arbitrator in disputes, and is responsible for soliciting proposals on the location of the next society congress. He/she has the option of giving an outgoing presidential address at the society meeting marking the end of their term.

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