ISoP Treasurer

The Treasurer’s activities are contingent on the presence of societal funds. On the assumption that these will be present with the introduction of dues, the Treasurer will maintain the financial records of the society, depositing and/or investing funds under the direction of the council. In this regard the Treasurer must maintain a checking account and write checks as needed to cover requests for disbursements by the society officers in a timely manner, as approved by the council. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the council at each meeting a report and budget for the period between now and the last meeting for approval by the council. It is strongly recommended that the Treasurer keep a spreadsheet to track income and expenses detailing precise information concerning the purpose and source of each cheque and each deposit. Funds in support of societal activities from research agencies to named society members shall be responsibility of the applicant of those funds and not the Treasurer. The Treasurer also is not expected to solicit funds in support of the society’s activities. Depending upon whether and in which country the society is formalized, the Treasurer must arrange for an annual audit of the society’s books and file an income tax return on the society’s behalf.

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