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Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:2002
Authors:W. A. Maier, Habedank B.
Editor:H. Aspöck
Book Title:Amöben, Bandwürmer, Zecken... - Parasiten und parasitäre Erkrankungen des Menschen in Mitteleuropa [Amoebas, tapeworms, ticks... - parasites and parasitic illnesses of humans in Central Europe]
Pagination:497 - 506
Publisher:Biologiezentrum und Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum Linz. Denisia
City:Bluestone, Vienna
Keywords:clothing lice, crab lice, head lice, Pediculosis

In former times clothing lice were very important mainly as vectors of disease. As a consequence of the bionomics, mainly the egg deposition on clothing, they were abundant under ti- mes of war and social deprivation. Nowadays head lice and crab lice are more important. These lice species are independent of the social status and may be acquired even under very clean conditions.

Biggest hindrance to eradication seems to be entomophobia and parent's and children's concern following identification to be of social stigma. Eradication is possible with a combined effort of appropriate control measures using effective pedicu- licides and contact tracing.

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