Lice affecting poultry in Hawaii

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1928
Authors:J. Franklin Illingworth
Journal:Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society
Pagination:41 - 42
Date Published:1928
Keywords:Goniocotes gigas, Goniodes stilifer, Lipeurus gallipavonis, Lipeurus heterographus

The following lice were taken from poultry in the vicinity of Honolulu during 1926: Menopon gallinae, L., from turkey, guinea-fowl and fowls; M. phaeostomum, Nitz., from guinea-fowl and pea-fowl; Eomenacanthus (Menopon] stmmineus, Nitz., Goniodes meleagridis, L. (stylifer, Nitz.) (large .turkey louse) and Goniocotes gigas, Tasch., from fowls; G. gallinae, Retz. (hologaster, Nitz.), from fowls and turkeys; Lipeurus gallipavonis, Geoffroy, from turkeys; and L. heterographus, Nitz., and L. caponis, L., from fowls.

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