Mallophaga parasitizing Passeriformes and Pici IV. Menacanthinae, Ricinidae, Degeeriellinae

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1965
Authors:J. Złotorzycka
Journal:Acta Parasitologica Polonica
Pagination:41 - 69
Date Published:1965
Keywords:mtax, PHP

Menacanthinae Wd. Eichler, 1940 of the family Menoponidae Mjöberg, 1910 are taxonomically distinct from the Ricinidae Neumann, 1906, though they belong to the suborder Amblycera too. Menacanthinae and Ricinidae occur, as a rule, on their hosts rather rarely and in very small numbers. Most often the females are found and males are found exceptionally. Therefore they are rather inadequately known. Degeeriellinae Ed. Eichler, 1941 belong to the family Degeeriellidae Leach, 1815 and do not occur on Passeriformes. Here I describe only the central European representitives of the genus Picicola from Picidae.

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