New Mallophaga, II, from land birds; together with an account of the Mallophagous mouth-parts

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1896
Authors:V. Lyman Kellogg
Journal:Proceedings of the California Academy of Science (Series 2)
Pagination:431 - 548
Date Published:1896
Keywords:mtax, Myrsidea, PHP
Taxonomic name: 
Ancistrona (Lice), Colpocephalum (Lice), Menopon (Lice), Myrsidea (Lice), Docophoroides (Lice), Goniocotes (Lice), Goniodes (Lice), Lipeurus (Lice), Colpocephalum flavescens (Lice), Colpocephalum osborni (Lice), Goniocotes creber (Lice), Goniodes cervinicornis (Lice), Lipeurus introductus (Lice), Eurymetopus (Lice), Docophorus (Lice), Physostomum (Lice), Nirmus (Lice), Ancistrona gigas (Lice), Colpocephalum subaequale (Lice), Menopon longicephalum (Lice), Phthiraptera (Lice), Amblycera (Lice), Chaetura (Avian), Chordeiles (Avian), Columba (Avian), Elanus (Avian), Haliaeetus (Avian), Callipepla (Avian), Colinus (Avian), Lagopus (Avian), Phasianus (Avian), Psaltriparus (Avian), Corvus (Avian), Melospiza (Avian), Passerculus (Avian), Passerina (Avian), Pipilo (Avian), Carpodacus (Avian), Progne (Avian), Tachycineta (Avian), Agelaius (Avian), Molothrus (Avian), Sialia (Avian), Turdus (Avian), Empidonax (Avian), Tyrannus (Avian), Colaptes (Avian), Melanerpes (Avian), Bubo (Avian), Nyctea (Avian), Strix (Avian), Columba livia (Avian), Columba livia (Avian), Elanus leucurus (Avian), Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Avian), Colinus virginianus (Avian), Colinus virginianus (Avian), Psaltriparus minimus (Avian), Psaltriparus minimus (Avian), Corvus americanus (Avian), Corvus corax (Avian), Corvus corax sinuatus (Avian), Passerina versicolor (Avian), Pipilo erythrophthalmus (Avian), Carpodacus mexicanus (Avian), Carpodacus mexicanus frontalis (Avian), Carpodacus mexicanus frontalis (Avian), Progne subis (Avian), Tachycineta bicolor (Avian), Agelaius phoeniceus (Avian), Molothrus ater (Avian), Molothrus ater (Avian), Sialia sialis (Avian), Empidonax difficilis (Avian), Tyrannus tyrannus (Avian), Colaptes auratus (Avian), Colaptes auratus (Avian), Colaptes auratus (Avian), Bubo virginianus (Avian), Strix flammea (Avian), Cuculiphilus Cuculiphilus decoratus (Lice), Dennyus Dennyus dubius (Lice), Menacanthus chrysophaeus (Lice), Menacanthus robustus (Lice), Myrsidea dissimilis (Lice), Myrsidea incerta (Lice), Myrsidea mesoleuca americana (Lice), Myrsidea melanorum (Lice)
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