A new species of the genus Hoplopleura Enderlein, 1904 (Anoplura, Hoplopleuridae) parasitic on Andinomys edax (Rodentia-Cricetidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:Ddel Carmen Castro, González A.
Pagination:31 - 35
Date Published:1996

The authors described a new species Hoplopleura zentaensi sp. n. based on specimens collected on Andinomys edax Thomas, l902, from Sierra de Zenta, Jujuy province, Argentina.Descriptions involve the holotype female; three nymphal instar, external architecture of eggs and sites of oviposition, providing differences with its close relative Hoplopleura hirsuta Ferris, l916 and Hoplopleura oxymycteri Ferris, l921. Comments on distribution of these species on their hosts are presented and they are included in the “erratica” group.

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