A new species of Haematopinus (Haematopinidae: Anoplura) from a Philippine deer, Cervus nigricans (Cervicidae: Artiodactyla)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1972
Authors:C. F. Weisser, Kim K. Chung
Journal:Pacific Insects
Pagination:15 - 22
Date Published:1972
Keywords:Artiodactyla, Cervus, Haematopinus, Luzon, n.sp., nigricans, nigricantis, Philippine Islands

In this paper Haematopinus nigricantis, n. sp. found on Cervus nigricans Brooke, 1877 from Luzon Island, the Philippines is described and illustrated. It is compared with H. longus Neumann, 1912.

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