Pocket gophers and their lice - a study in host/parasite relationships

Publication Type:Conference Paper
Year of Publication:1973
Authors:R. D. Price
Conference Name:Northwest Conference on Diseases
Date Published:1973
Keywords:mtax, PHP

A brief survey is given of our past and present knowledge of the distribution of pocket gophers and their only mallophagan parasites (Trichodectes: Geomydoecus). Emphasis is then placed on the lice found on the Thomomys bottae-umbrinus gopher complex of the western and southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Recent extensive collections of Geomydoecus from over 90 of the 200-plus subspecies of these hosts have resulted in interesting geographical delineations of eight species of Geomydoecus, these not necessarily following what might be anticipated from the present host classification.

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