Prevalence and seasonal variation of Pediculosis capitis in the population under 16 year of age of the health region of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1994
Authors:Ddel Carmen Castro, Abrahamovich, A. H., Cicchino, A. Conrado, Figoni, A. M., Raffaeli, C., Debarrio, A.
Journal:Revista de Saude Publica
Pagination:295 - 299
Date Published:1994
Keywords:capitis, epidemiology, head, Infestation, louse, Pediculosis, seasonal, variation

The prevalence of the parasitic disease Pediculosis capitis was studied over a period of one year from 1-8-1992 to 31-7-1993, in Sanitary Region XI of the Buenos Aires province, Argentina which is composed of 15 districts located on the ENE, and in other areas under the influence of the Hospital Interzonal de Agudos, Especialidad Pediatria ''Sup. Sor Maria Ludovica'' de Plata, center of this Sanitary Region. A total number of 552 individuals of from medium to medium low social level of the child population of from 0 to 16 years of age were sampled at random over 52 consecutive weeks. All individuals who actually had the parasite at the time of examination were considered as positive for this disease. The results are expressed in terms of prevalence and its monthly and seasonal variations analyzed. Prevalence showed high values during all months, the lowest being in February (12%) and the highest in August (56.8%), the annual mean being of 38.04% (+/- 4.05%). Seasonally, its lowest value occurred in the summer (16.8%), the values for the remaining seasons being very similar to one another, but always higher than 38%.

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