A review of Ciconiphilus Bedford (Mallophaga: Menoponidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1965
Authors:R. D. Price, Beer J. R.
Journal:Canadian Entomologist
Pagination:657 - 666
Date Published:1965
Keywords:mtax, PHP

Eight species of Ciconiphilus from the Ciconiiformes and Anseriformes are discussed and illustrated; two of these are newly described: melanolophus (type- host: Gorsachius m. melanolophus) and cygni (type-host: Cygnus cygnus). New synonymies include: quadripustulatus (Burm.) (= maculipes Gieb., planiceps Piag., cingulatum Piag.); temporalis (Piag.) (= femoratum Piag.); decimfasciatus (B. & L.) (= nyctarde Denny, obscurum Gieb., castaneum Piag., boisduvali Eichler, doriabagla Ansari) . C. matosi (Tendeiro) is a new combination. A key is given to the species.

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