A revision of the Australian Boopiidae (Insecta: Phthiraptera): with notes on the Trimenoponidae

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1971
Authors:S. von Kéler
Journal:Australian Journal of Zoology
Issue:Supplement Series
Pagination:1 - 126
Date Published:1971
Keywords:mtax, PHP

The louse family Boopidae, parasitic on marsupials in Australia and New Guinea, is revised on the basis of much new material from wild hosts. Important morphological features, particularly the genitalia, and their taxonomic value are reviewed. A key is given to the genera of the Boopidae and those of the most closely related family, the Trimenoponidae, which occurs on Neotropical marsupials and cavimorph rodents. Seven genera (Boopia, Phacogalia, Heterodoxus, Paraboopia, Macropophila, Paraheterodoxus, Latumcephalum) and 35 species of Boopidae are recognised. Keys are given to the species, and all species are described and figured. Fourteen species are described as new, two in Boopia, seven in Heterodoxus three in Macropophila, and two in Paraheterodoxus. The majority of boopids are parasites of Macropodidae but a few species are found on members of the families Dasyuridae, Peramelidae, and Vombatidae. One species, Heterodoxus spiniger, has an anomolous distribution; it is found on domestic and wild Canidae in many parts of the world, but there are occasional records from wallabies.

Taxonomic name: 
Boopiidae (Lice), Trimenoponidae (Lice), Boopia (Lice), Heterodoxus (Lice), Latumcephalum (Lice), Macropophila (Lice), Paraboopia (Lice), Paraheterodoxus (Lice), Phacogalia (Lice), Boopia bettongia (Lice), Boopia doriana (Lice), Heterodoxus alatus (Lice), Heterodoxus ancoratus (Lice), Heterodoxus maai (Lice), Heterodoxus macropus (Lice), Heterodoxus pygidialis (Lice), Heterodoxus spiniger (Lice), Heterodoxus ualabati (Lice), Macropophila biarcuata (Lice), Macropophila breviarcuata (Lice), Macropophila forcipata (Lice), Paraheterodoxus insignis (Lice), Insecta (Lice), Phthiraptera (Lice), Canidae (Mammal (Price et al)), Dasyuridae (Mammal (Price et al)), Vombatidae (Mammal (Price et al)), Macropodidae (Mammal (Price et al)), Peramelidae (Mammal (Price et al)), Dasyurus (Mammal (Price et al)), Aepyprymnus (Mammal (Price et al)), Bettongia (Mammal (Price et al)), Potorous (Mammal (Price et al)), Lasiorhinus (Mammal (Price et al)), Dendrolagus (Mammal (Price et al)), Dorcopsis (Mammal (Price et al)), Dorcopsulus (Mammal (Price et al)), Macropus (Mammal (Price et al)), Petrogale (Mammal (Price et al)), Setonix (Mammal (Price et al)), Thylogale (Mammal (Price et al)), Wallabia (Mammal (Price et al)), Aepyprymnus rufescens (Mammal (Price et al)), Bettongia rufescens (Mammal (Price et al)), Bettongia penicillata (Mammal (Price et al)), Potorous tridactylus (Mammal (Price et al)), Lasiorhinus latifrons (Mammal (Price et al)), Dendrolagus dorianus (Mammal (Price et al)), Dendrolagus lumholtzi (Mammal (Price et al)), Dorcopsulus vanheurni (Mammal (Price et al)), Macropus antilopinus (Mammal (Price et al)), Macropus dorsalis (Mammal (Price et al)), Macropus rufus (Mammal (Price et al)), Petrogale penicillata (Mammal (Price et al)), Setonix brachyurus (Mammal (Price et al)), Wallabia bicolor (Mammal (Price et al)), Canidae (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Dasyuridae (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Macropodidae (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Vombatidae (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Peramelidae (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Dasyurus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Dendrolagus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Dorcopsis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Dorcopsulus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Macropus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Petrogale (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Setonix (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Thylogale (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Wallabia (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Aepyprymnus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Bettongia (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Potorous (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Lasiorhinus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Dasyurus maculatus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Dendrolagus dorianus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Dendrolagus lumholtzi (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Dorcopsulus vanheurni (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Macropus antilopinus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Macropus dorsalis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Macropus rufus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Petrogale penicillata (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Setonix brachyurus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Wallabia bicolor (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Aepyprymnus rufescens (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Bettongia penicillata (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Potorous tridactylus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Lasiorhinus latifrons (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Boopia biseriata (Lice), Heterodoxus ampullatus (Lice), Heterodoxus calabyi (Lice), Heterodoxus mitratus (Lice), Heterodoxus octoseriatus (Lice), Heterodoxus quadriseriatus (Lice), Macropophila clayae (Lice), Paraheterodoxus calcaratus (Lice), Paraheterodoxus erinaceus (Lice)
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