A second species of pocket gopher in Arkansas

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:D. A. Elrod, Heidt, G. A., Elrod, D. M. A., Birdsong, M., Zimmerman, E. G.
Journal:Southwestern Naturalist
Pagination:395 - 398
Date Published:1996
Keywords:geomys bursarius

Baird's pocket gopher (Geomys breviceps) has been presumed to be the only species of pocket gopher in Arkansas, occurring primarily in the southern half and western third of the state. Isolated populations of packet gophers in Izard Co. in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas were examined using allozyme analysis and identification of chewing lice (Trichodectidae: Mallophaga), which are considered major indicators of cladogenic events. Results confirm that an isolated population of pocket gophers from Izard Co, is closely allied with plains pocket gophers, G. bursarius, and not with G. breviceps. The biogeographical distribution, taxonomic position, and ecological status of this population may reflect effects of isolation from a more widespread ancestral species to the north.

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