Species of Colpocephalum (Mallophaga: Menoponidae) parasitic upon the Falconiformes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1963
Authors:R. D. Price, Beer J. R.
Journal:Canadian Entomologist
Pagination:731 - 763
Date Published:1963
Keywords:mtax, PHP

Twenty-five species of Colpocephalum sen. lat. from hawks are recognized and discussed; 8 of these are newly described: angolensis from Gy pohierax angolensis, barbati from Gypaetus barbatus aureus, californici from Gymnogyps californianus, chelictiniae from Chelictinia riocourii, ecaudati from Terathopius ecaudatus, indi from Haliastur indus, percnopteri from Neopbron percnopterus, and tracbelioti from Torgos tracheliotus. New synonymies include: ailurum Nitzsch, bicinctum Nitz., caudatum Giebel, costaricense Carriker, latifasciutum Piaget, longipes Piag., 1885 (nec 1880), majus Piag., 1885 (nec 1880), oxyurum Nitz., setosum Piag. (p. 519), tricinctum Nitz., and wetzeli (Eichler) with turbinatum Denny; and notatum Piag. with maculatum Piag. A key is given for the species of Colpocephalum occurring on hawks and owls.

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