Studies on amblycerous Mallophaga of Japan

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1926
Authors:S. Uchida
Journal:Journal of the College of Agriculture, Tokyo
Pagination:1 - 56
Date Published:1926
Keywords:mtax, PHP

In continuation of my papers on the bird infesting Mallophaga of Japan, I propose here to give short descriptions of all Japanese forms of Amblycerous Mallophaga. The specimens on which the present paper is based, were taken mostly from birds and mammals of Japan proper and a small part from birds of Formosa, Micronesia and Caroline Islands. The collection includes 63 species, taken from 74 species of birds and two species of mammals. Of the above number of Mallophaga species, 17 are apparently new to science. I have been led to errect six new genera for the reception of some of the species. All the aforesaid 63 species are referable to five families and eighteen genera. A list of the parasites and their hosts is as follows: [Table of hosts and parasites, key to genera]

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