Taxonomic revision of old world members of the feather louse genus Columbicola (Phthiraptera: Ischnocera), including descriptions of eight new species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:R. J. Adams, Price, R. D., Clayton, D. H.
Journal:Journal of Natural History
Pagination:3545 - 3618
Date Published:2005
Keywords:Columbicola, Columbiformes, mtax, n.sp.

The feather louse genus Columbicola Ewing is revised and divided into 24 species groups, with descriptions and illustrations provided for the 19 Old World species groups. Eight new species are described; these species and their respective type hosts are: C. browni ex Columba arquatrix Temminck, C. arnoldi ex Macropygia nigrirostris Salvadori, C. galei ex Gymnophaps albertisii Salvadori, C. palmai ex Leucosarcia melanoleuca (Latham), C. mendesi ex Ducula concinna (Wallace), C. reedi ex Ptilinopus magnificus (Temminck), C. davisae ex Treron curvirostra nipalensis (Hodgson), and C. wecksteini ex Ptilinopus rivoli (Prévost). Columbicola juliusriemeri Eichler and Mrosek and C. longiceps sikoraae Eichler are removed from synonymy and recognized as valid species. Columbicola longisetaceus (Piaget) is placed as a junior synonym of C. columbae (L.), C. fradeorum Tendeiro as a junior synonym of C. mjoebergi Eichler, and C. meinertzhageni parvus Tendeiro as a junior synonym of C. meinertzhageni Tendeiro. We provide a key to the 63 valid Old World species, and a table of host associations for the 77 valid Columbicola species of the world.

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