Taxonomy of Solenopotes Enderlein, 1904, with redescription of Linognathus panamensis Ewing (Linognathidae: Anoplura)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1974
Authors:K. Chung Kim, Weisser C. F.
Pagination:107 - 135
Date Published:1974
Keywords:Anoplura, atax, Solenopotes

All the known species of Solenopotes Enderlein, 1904 are discussed with a complete synonymy, major references, diagnoses, host associations and distribution; they are S. binipilosus (Fahrenholz, 1916a) ; S. burmeisteri (Fahrenholz, 1919) ; S. capillatus Enderlein, 1904; S. capreoli Freund, 1935a; S. ferrisi (Fahrenholz, 1919); S. muntiacus Thompson, 1938; S. natalensis Ledger, 1970 and S. tarandi (Mjöberg, 1915). The species of Solenopotes are compared on the basis of major taxonomic characters. Solenopotes and Linognathus are compared and a key to the known species of Solenopotes is also presented. Taxonomic relationships among the cervid-infesting species are quantitatively studied. The status of Linognathus panamensis Ewing, 1927, previously assigned to Solenopotes, is discussed and the species is redescribed and illustrated.

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