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Una nueva especie de Hoplopleura (Phthiraptera, Anoplura) parásita de tres especies de Bibimys (Muridae, Sigmodontinae, Rodentia)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:Ddel Carmen Castro, González A.
Journal:Iheringia, Série Zoologia, Porto Alegre
Pagination:183 - 188
Date Published:2003

 A new species Hoplopleura massoiai is described, based on specimens collected on three species of Bibimys Massoia, 1979: B. torresi Massoia, 1979, B. chacoensis (Shamel, 1931) and B. labiosus (Winge, 1887), from Chaco, Misiones and Buenos Aires provinces, Argentina. Male, female, first nymphal instar, external architecture of eggs and sites of oviposition are described, providing differences with its close relative Hoplopleura scapteromydis Ronderos, 1965; comments on distribution of the new species on its hosts are done.

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