Variable activity of Disophenol against hookworms and lice of northern fur seal pups on St. Paul Island, Alaska

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1980
Authors:E. T. Lyons, Kim, K. Chung, Keyes, M. C.
Journal:Journal of Wildlife Diseases
Pagination:53 - 57
Date Published:1980

Six critical tests with disophenol were conducted in July, 1978, in fur seal pups (Callorhinus ursinus) naturally-infected with adult hookworms, Uncinaria lucasi, and infested with various stages of two species of sucking lice, Proechinopthirus fluctus (Ferris) and Antarctophthirus callorhini (Osborn). Disophenol at a dose rate of 12.5 mg/kg was administered subcutaneously to each of six pups. Each pup was contained in an individual cage for 60 h post-treatment at which time pups were exmained at necropsy. Efficacy against hookworms ranged from 2% to 88% and of both species of lice ranged from 26% to 90% for the six pups. Disophenol removed approximately 90% of all adult lice but only slightly more than 60% of all nymphs. The only sign of toxicosis was a probable drug related fluid-like feces for four pups from 12 to 60 h posttreatment.

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