Population levels of Phthiraptera on domestic ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) (Anseriformes: Anatidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:A. Ahmad, Gupta, N., Saxena, A. Kumar, Gupta, D. K.
Journal:Journal of Parasitic Diseases
Pagination:567 - 571
Date Published:Jan-09-2015
Keywords:lice, Prevalence

Abstract Three phthirapteran species (two Ischnocera and one Amblycera) were recovered from hundred ducks in district Bareilly and Rampur during 2011–2012. Preva- lence of Anaticola crassicornis was comparatively higher (31 %) than that of Anatoecus dentatus (16 %) and Holo- menpon leucoxanthum (28 %). However, the intensity of infestation of H. leucoxanthum (22.89) remained higher than the other two species. Distribution pattern of all lice were skewed but negative binomial model was not found to be a good fit. Sex ratios of all three species were skewed in favour of females (A. crassicornis—1:1.23, H. leucoxant- hum—1:1.19, A. dentatus—1:1.72) and nymphal popula- tion exceeded the adult population (A. crassicornis— 1:1.26, H. leucoxanthum—1:1.12, A. dentatus—1:1.61).

Short Title:J Parasit Dis
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