Insect ectoparasites on wild migratory birds: A review

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:M. Sajid, Ehsan N.
Journal:Animal Science Journal
Pagination:1 - 8
ISSN:2220-9549 (Print); 2220-9557 (Online)
Keywords:Avifauna, ectoparasites, Migratory birds, Prevalence, Zoonotic disease

This review emphasize that the avian host are strongly affected by ectoparasites and these ectoparasites causes serious threats to birds. These ectoparasites might be a serious threat for growth, reproduction and long term survival of birds. Moreover, these parasites may affect the host behavior in different ways like they can provoke their locomotors performance. By close observation it can be seen that these ectoparasites damage the bird’s feathers. Over all, the avian host was undeniably connected with species heterogeneity, species abundance and behavior. Different populations have close relations between epidemiological theory and ecosystem management. Among environmental factors that lead the prevalence of ectoparasites are temperature and seasonal variations. Migratory birds may also face extra risks to an already risky journey and also can got infected. Greater number of ectoparasites abundance for some migratory birds suggests that more research and observation are need particularly with reference to emerging diseases. The lice species are mostly present on passerine birds. The avifauna play critical role in the ecosystem and are implicated in the transmission of zoonotic diseases. Study of ectoparasites movement with migratory birds is not only important with economical point of view but also have import role in public health. The visual observation and survey of ectoparasites on migratory birds is very important for control and prevention of parasites responsible for zoonotic disease.

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