Bacterial arthropod-borne diseases in West Africa

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:C. B. Ehounoud, Fenollar, F., Dahmani, M., N’Guessan, J. D., Raoult, D., Mediannikov, O.
Journal:Acta Tropica
Pagination:124 - 137
Keywords:arthropods, Bacterial disease, west africa

Arthropods such as ticks, lice, fleas and mites are excellent vectors for many pathogenic agents including bacteria, protozoa and viruses to animals. Moreover, many of these pathogens can also be accidentally transmitted to humans throughout the world. Bacterial vector-borne diseases seem to be numerous and very important in human pathology, however, they are often ignored and are not well known. Yet they are in a phase of geographic expansion and play an important role in the etiology of febrile episodes in regions of Africa. Since the introduction of molecular techniques, the presence of these pathogens has been confirmed in various samples from arthropods and animals, and more rarely from human samples in West Africa. In this review, the aim is to summarize the latest information about vector-borne bacteria, focusing on West Africa from 2000 until today in order to better understand the epidemiological risks associated with these arthropods. This will allow health and veterinary authorities to develop a strategy for surveillance of arthropods and bacterial disease in order to protect people and animals.

Short Title:Acta Tropica
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