Study on the fauna and species diversity of sucking lice in China

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:X. -guo Guo, Meng Y. -fen
Journal:Sichuan Journal of Zoology
Pagination:147 - 152
Keywords:China, fauna, host animals, species diversity, sucking lice, zoogeography

Paper written in Chinese

Brief summary: Sucking lice are exclusively hematophagous ectoparasites of eutherian mammals, and are world-wide distribution. The results show that 96 species belonged to 22 genera, 11 families of Anoplura have been described in China, accounting for 64.71 % , 45.83%, 17.14% of known sucking lice secies, general and families in the world, respectively.

There are 27 endemic sucking lice species in China.Each family (genus) of sucking louse has the corresponding host animal and parasites on the specific family (genus) host animal. The results indicate that the fact there is a high host specificity of sucking lice and also represent the ecology phenomenon of coevolutionary relationship between sucking lice and their mammal hosts.

The paper provided a list of names of the host animals and sucking lice in China and a comparison of known genus of the lice in China with the rest of the world.

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