A Survey of Ectoparasites of Wild Bird Species at Two Gallery Forests Along River Benue at Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:S. Mdzuami Adelusi, Onah, I. Emmanuel, Omudu, E. Agbo
Journal:American Journal of Entomology
Pagination:10 - 15
Date Published:07-2018
Keywords:disease, host, Infestation, lice, Prevalence, vectors

A survey of ectoparasite species infesting wild birds at two gallery forests in Makurdi was investigated to provide baseline information on the types of ectoparasites infesting wild birds. Birds were trapped from September 2015 to August 2016; a combination of visual examination and dust ruffling technique was used to remove ectoparasites from live birds. Specimens were preserved in labeled vials containing 70% alcohol. The parasites were identified using standard taxonomic keys when viewed under a light microscope. A total of 254 birds were captured out of which, 174 (68.5%) were infested with 1,294 ectoparasites (1,208 lice, 25ticks, 50 mites and 11 flies). The birds had high single infestation 107(42.1%). Ectoparasitic infestation varied significantly between months (F(11, 253)=2.620, P<0.05) and between bird species (F(58, 253)=2.353, P<0.05), with the months of May and June showing higher infestations and at the Mu gallery Forest. The study concludes that there is high prevalence of ectoparasites on wild birds at gallery forests hence making the forests possible reservoir for ectoparasites for domestic birds. The study recommends further studies to determine the effects of parasites on the health of wild birds and possible transmission of parasites from wild to domestic birds.

Short Title:AJE
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