Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:E. Dakorah Angyiereyiri, Sackey, I., Bonu-Ire, M. S. T.
Journal:Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences
Pagination:3371 - 3377
Date Published:06-2015
ISSN:1715-9997/eISSN 1920-3853
Keywords:arthropod, domestic fowl, ectoparasite, free-ranging production system, goat

Traditional free-range rural animal production system which forms an integral part of farming systems, in almost all rural communities in Ghana is characterized by mismanagement, malnutrition, theft, predation, diseases and parasites infestation resulting in high mortality and low productivity. This study assessed the types and degree of ectoparasites infestation and their distribution on the body parts of goats and domestic fowls in Vunania in order to generate a data set that could help in formulating strategies for their control in the area and its environs. Ten houses were randomly selected and adaptive sampling was employed for the selection of neighbourhood units for sample collection. Fifty goats and fifty domestic fowls of any age, one each from each house, were randomly selected for screening for ectoparasites using hand picking and brushing. The ectoparasites collected were transferred to laboratory for processing and identification. About 76% of the studied goats and 84% of domestic fowls were infested with ticks, fleas, and mites respectively, while lice were recorded in domestic fowls only. The estimated populations of ectoparasites of all kinds on goats and domestic fowls were 4,110 and 9,688, respectively. In goats, the ears and underside of limbs were preferred by ticks and mites while fleas were common around the neck and back regions of the body. In domestic fowls, lice and fleas were distributed almost on all the body parts, although fleas preferred the vent. Lice were, conversely, found around the neck, back, and the chest. Ticks particularly liked the underside of limbs, the chest and the wings. The presence of the ectoparasites calls for stringent control efforts to curtail their health effects and more research to ascertain their negative effects on the livestock industry in the study area.

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