Ectoparasites of domestic animals in Northern Nigeria

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:A. J. Natala, Okubanjo, O. O., Ulayi, B. M., Owolabi, Y. N., Jatau, I. D., Yusuf, K. H.
Journal:Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences
Pagination:238 - 242
Date Published:July 2009
Keywords:domestic animals, ectoparasites, Northern Nigeria, Seasonal distribution

This study was carried out with the aim of updating the fauna of ectoparasites infesting domestic animals in Northern Nigeria. The study covered a period of 15 years (1990 to 2005) and utilised the record of samples brought to the Veterinary Entomology Laboratory of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, by clients from different parts of Northern Nigeria. Total parasite samples submitted were 931, negative samples were 407 (43.72%), positive samples were 524 (56.28%) with the following pests: lice, 104 (11.28%); ticks, 146 (15.68%); mites, 221 (23.74%), flea 36 (3.90%) and myiatic larvae, 17 (1.82%). Seasonal distribution revealed the peak periods for the majority of the parasites to be at the onset and the end of the rainy season. The most abundant from each of the groups the ectoparasites included Amblyomma variegatum (tick), Manecanthus stramineus (lice), Demodex canis (mite), Ctenocephalides felis (flea) and Oestrus ovis (myiatic larvae). The high fauna of ectoparasites all year round suggests the need for strategic control measures in order to ensure good health of domestic animals in this region.

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