Use of afoxolaner for the treatment of lice (Goniodes pavonis) in different genera (Chrysolophus spp, Lophura spp, Phasianus spp, and Syrmaticus spp) and species of pheasants and West Mexican Chachalacas (Ortalis poliocephala)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors:E. Yarto_Jaramillo, Romero_Núñez, C., Álvarez-Zavala, Mde los, Cruz-López, E., Rangel_Díaz, J., Miranda_Contreras, L., Galicia-Franco, E., Heredia_Cardenas, R.
Journal:Veterinary Parasitology
Pagination:3 pp
Date Published:04-2020
Type of Article:e-109065
Keywords:ectoparasites, Infestation, Isoxazoline, zoo birds

Lice are ectoparasites capable of affecting birds, and can result in direct and indirect damage to their host. Afoxolaner is an isoxazoline that has been shown to be effective against these ectoparasites without known adverse effects. The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of afoxolaner on lice in pheasants and plain chachalacas. A total of 29 pheasants of different genera and species (Chrysolophus pictus, C. amherstiae, Lophura swinghoii, L. nycthemera, Phasianus colchicus, and Syrmaticus reevesii) and 18 West Mexican Chachalacas (Ortalis poliocephala) naturally infested with Goniodes pavonis were used. The birds were allocated to one of two groups: group 1 treated with 2.50 mg/kg of afoxolaner, and group 2 given no treatment. Ectoparasites were collected using the adhesive tape technique and identified. Afoxolaner was administered later as a single dose to group 1, and the clinical assessment to detect ectoparasites was repeated 28 days post-treatment. On day 28 post-treatment, group 1 was found to be negative for the presence of lice. The body weights were compared at the beginning and end of the clinical assessment in both groups and a significant difference in weight of treated birds was found. The mean body weight decreased by 0.017 g in control group, whereas it increased by 0.016 g in treated group. Oral administration of afoxolaner is an effective option for the treatment of Goniodes pavonis infestations in zoo birds.

Short Title:Veterinary Parasitology
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