Prevalence and seasonal variation of ectoparasite load in free-range chicken of Kashmir valley

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:S. T. Salam, Mir, M. S., Khan, A. R.
Journal:Tropical Animal Health and Production
Pagination:1371 - 1376
Date Published:02-2009
Keywords:chicken, ectoparasites, epidemiology, free-range, lice, Prevalence, season

A faunistical study of ectoparasites was carried out for a period of two years from January 2005 to December 2006 in rural free-range chicken purchased from different areas of Kashmir valley. Screening of a total of 478 birds revealed only lice infestation with an overall prevalence of about 100% and 97.69% birds harboring multiple species. The prevalence for various species of lice, during winter, spring, summer, autumn and overall prevalence respectively, was 90.32%, 99.14%, 100%, 98.34% and 96.86% for Lipeurus caponis; 33.87%, 48.71%, 57.75%, 39.66% and 44.76% for Goniodes gigas; 29.83%, 32.47%, 45.68%, 32.23% and 34.93% for Menopon gallinae; 28.22%, 32.47%, 39.65%, 32.23% and 33.05% for Menacanthus cornutus; 16.12%, 19.65%, 25%, 18.18% and 19.66% for Goniocotes gallinae and 6.45%, 12.82%, 13.79%, 4.95% and 9.41% for Eomenacanthus stramineus. The seasonal influence on nature and intensity of infestation was evident.

Short Title:Trop Anim Health Prod
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