Etude des parasites du sang et des ectoparasites des volailles domestiques a Ibadan Province Occidentale du Nigeria

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1975
Authors:D. F. Adene, Dipeolu O. O.
Journal:Bulletin des Epizooties en Afique
Pagination:343 - 346

Paper originally published in English. Citation:

Adene, D.F. and Dipeolu, O.O. 1975. Survey of Blood and  Ectoparasites  of  Domestic  Fowl  in  Ibadan, Western State of  Nigeria. Bull.  of Ani.  Health and Prod. in Africa, (3):333-335.

Abstract: During the heavy rains of August 1973, all the domestic fowls belonging to the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, which are kept on free range and mingle with fowls belonging to other owners, were found to be heavily infested with Haemaphysalis hoodi hoodi Warb. & Nutt. A brief survey of the blood parasites and ectoparasites of domestic fowls kept under different management systems on some poultry farms at Ibadan was therefore made in September. The only ectoparasites found were biting lice and wing mites. The most abundant louse was Menopon gallinae (L.). Others were Lipeurus caponis (L.) and Cuclotogaster heterographa (Nitzsch). The only mite was Megninia cubitalis (Megn.). Only a small proportion of the fowls kept under the intensive system had ectoparasites. The proportion was high among those kept under extensive and semi-intensive systems. The blood parasites found included undetermined species of Plasmodium and Leucocytozoon and Aegyptianella pullorum.

ADDITIONAL ABSTRACT:A survey of domestic fowl kept under different management conditions on some poultry farms at Ibadan, Nigeria, was conducted in 1973. 83 of 163 fowls possessed blood parasites, the commonest of which was Leucocytozoon (not previously reported from Nigeria). Plasmodium and Aegyptianella pullorum were also found but mixed infections were rare. Parasitaemias were generally low.

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