A new subgenus and eight new species of Guimaraesiella Eichler, 1949 (Phthiraptera: Ischnocera: Philopteridae: Brueelia-complex)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors:D. R. Gustafsson, Bush S. E.
Pagination:151 - 188
Date Published:11-2022
Keywords:Dicruridae, Dicrurobates, Dicrurus adsimilis apivorus, Dicrurus annectans, Dicrurus bracteatus carbonarius, Dicrurus hottentottus brevirostris, Dicrurus hottentottus samarensis, Dicrurus paradiseus paradiseus, Dicrurus paradiseus rangoonensis, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) campanula, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) carbonivora, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) dicruri, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) latitemporalis, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) lurida, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) luzonica, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) nana, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) regis, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) sexmaculata, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) transvaalensis, lice, new species, new subgenus, Oriolus larvatus rolleti, Prionops plumatus poliocephalus

The species of the chewing louse genus Guimaraesiella Eichler, 1949 parasitic on drongos (Dicruridae) are reviewed and placed in the new subgenus Dicrurobates, which is described herein together with eight new species, including one species from non-dicrurid hosts. The new species are: Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) carbonivora n. sp. from Dicrurus bracteatus carbonarius Bonaparte, 1850; Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) latitemporalis n. sp. from Dicrurus hottentottus brevirostris (Cabanis, 1851) and Dicrurus hottentottus ssp. (Linnaeus, 1766); Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) lurida n. sp. from Dicrurus leucophaeus Vieillot, 1817; Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) luzonica n. sp. from Dicrurus balicassius (Linnaeus, 1766); Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) nana n. sp. from Dicrurus hottentottus samarensis Vaurie, 1947; Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) regis n. sp. from Dicrurus annectans (Hodgson, 1836), Dicrurus paradiseus paradiseus (Linnaeus, 1766) and Dicrurus paradiseus rangoonensis (Gould, 13836); Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) transvaalensis n. sp. from Dicrurus adsimilis apivorus Clancey, 1976; and Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) campanula n. sp. from Oriolus larvatus rolleti Salvadori, 1864 and Prionops plumatus poliocephalus (Stanley, 1814). Also, Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) sexmaculata (Piaget, 1880) and Guimaraesiella (Dicrurobates) dicruri (Ansari, 1955) are redescribed and illustrated. A key to identify adults of all 10 species included in the subgenus is provided.

Short Title:Zootaxa
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