Prehľad švol (Mallophaga) v zbierkach Turčianskeho múzea Andreja Kmeťa v Martine

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1987
Authors:V. Straka
Journal:Kmetianum, Martin

Paper in Slovak

English translated title: A survey of Mallophaga in the collections of Andrej Kmet Turcianske Museum in Martin.

Abstract: By 1984, the collection in the musuem has aquired 105 Mallophaga species, belonging to 41 genera.. The material was collected from 78 bird species and 3 mammal species, comprising of 16.38% of Slovak fauna. Most of the lice species were collected from birds and mammals from the Turcianska hollow and adjacent mountain ranges (23 habitats) and the reminder from other parks of Slovakia (6 habitats).

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