Epidemiological Study of Lice Species in Chickens in Baghdad

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2021
Authors:E. H. Kareem, Khalaf, S. A., Abdullah, M. A.
Journal:Indian Journal of Ecology
Type of Article:Special Issue
Keywords:lice species

The current study was conducted to understand the distribution of lice species in some poultry fields in some Baghdad regions from100chickens with 20 from each of the five locations. These were examined by inspection whole body and, then used kit for diagnosis. The maximum infestation was 60% in Al-Sheha region followed by Al-Zedan, Al-Rashedia, and Al-Tagi. The incidence of lice species Menacanthus corntus, Menopon gallinae, Columbicola columbae, Aaticola crasssicorins, Saemundssonia lari and were 8, 14, 9, 5 and 6% respectively. Menopon gallinae Columbicola columbae, Menacanthus Corntus, Saemundssonia lari, was the most prominent species(14%) followed by and Aaticola crasssicorins (9, 8, 6 and 5% respectively). The highest lice species in region was Menopon gallinae and Saemundssonia lari (20 %). followed by 15% and Al-Tagi while the incidence of Columbicola columbae, andAaticola Menacanthus Corntu in Menopon gallinae, crasssicorinswas 20,15 and15 %in Al-Al-Shehar In Al-Tagi region, the most abundant lice species was Menacanthus and Menopon gallinae (15% for both species). The total incidence of lice species was 42 percentage.

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