Prevalence of Lice in Small Ruminants in and Around Babile District, East Hararge Zone, Oromia Regional State

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors:D. Dejene Disasa, Tessema, M., Tsegaye, B.
Journal:African Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences
Keywords:Babile, lice, Prevalence, small ruminants

This study was conducted from November 2019 to April 2020 with the aim of studying the prevalence
of lice of economic importance in small ruminants in and around Babile district. A total of 340 (215 sheep and
125 goats) were investigated for lice infestation. Out of these animals 133 (35.0%) animals were infested by one
or more species of lice. Of a total of examined animals; 91 (42.3%) of sheep and 42 (33.6%) of goats were positive
for lice. The lice recorded 34.9% Damalinia species and 7.4% Linognathus species in sheep and 33.6%
Linognathus species in goats. This study has revealed that lice were the predominant ectoparasites in sheep
than in goats (p<0.05. The poor body condition score animals were higher infested by both species of lice
(p<0.05). The present study has shown that lice are among important causes of skin damage which is likely to
cause significant economic loss. To reduce this loss management practices should be put in the place to control
infestations of valuable animals.

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