Efficacy of afoxolaner (NexGard®) against natural infestations with Trichodectes canis in dogs under field conditions

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2022
Authors:A. D. Mihalca, Deak, G., Panait, L. Cătălina, Rabei, Ș., Beugnet, F.
Date Published:Sep-07-2022
Keywords:Afoxolaner, Chewing lice, Efficacy assessment

Background Trichodectes canis is a small chewing louse found globally that primarily infests dogs. Limited information is available on the efficacy of isoxazolines against infestation with the chewing louse. In the present study, we evaluated the efficacy of afoxolaner, an isoxazoline class compound, in naturally infested domestic dogs.

Methods The field study was carried out in Romania. Between September 2021 and December 2021, 43 dogs with confirmed T. canis infestation were included in the study. On the day of the inclusion (day 0), each animal was clinically examined and randomly treated with a control product labeled for use against lice [fipronil-(S)-methoprene combination (Frontline Combo®; Boehringer Ingelheim)] or with the investigational product [chewable tablets containing afoxolaner (NexGard®; isoxazoline)]. Each animal was evaluated for the presence of lice at 15 and 30 days post-inclusion.

Results Of the 48 dogs initially included in the study, 43 completed the treatment period [18 in the control group (CG) and 25 in the investigational group (IG)]. At day 14, no living T. canis lice were detected on the dogs in either group. At day 14, dead lice were detected in four dogs in the IG, while eggs were present in two dogs in the IG and in one dog in the CG. At day 30, no lice were detected in either group, while eggs were still present in one dog in the CG.

Conclusion These results suggest that afoxolaner is a feasible treatment option against chewing lice in dogs, providing 100% curative efficacy.

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