Data on the chewing lice (phthiraptera) parasitizing the accipitrid birds (accipitriformes) in turkey

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2022
Authors:B. Dik, Naz, S., Sajid, M.
Journal:Journal of Animal Health and Production
Keywords:Accipitriformes; Turkey.

The present survey paper documents the chewing lice (Phthiraptera: Amblycera, Ischnocera) associated with the Accipitriformes of Turkey. A total of 182 accipitrid birds belonging to 14 species, and 9 genera were surveyed. For the collection of lice, feathers of birds were carefully examined; an insecticide was applied on birds into a breathable paper bags from where lice were transferred to collection tubes. Of the 182 birds, 151 (82.97%) were infested with 21 chewing lice species including 8 species of Colpocephalum: C. apivorus, C. zebra, C. trachelioti, C. impressum, C. polonum, C. nanum, C. turbinatum, C. milvi, 6 species of Degeeriella: D. phlyctopygus, D. leucopleura, D. aquilarum, D. nisus, D. fusca, D. fulva, 2 species of Laemobothrion: L. vulturis, L. maximum, 2 species of Craspedorrhynchus: Cr. fraterculus, Cr. platystomus, 2 species of Falcolipeurus: F. suturalis, F. quadripustulatus and one species of Kurodaia fulvofasciata. Among birds, Buteo (Buzzards) were the most prevalent (73.63%), with 6 species of lice on B. buteo and 5 on B. rufinus; 3 each on Aegypius monachus, Aquila heliaca, Aq. nisus, and Circus aeruginosus; 2 each on Pernis apivorus, Ci. pygargus and Milvus migrans; and one each on Circaetus gallicus, Hieraaetus pennatus, Aq. chrysaetos and Aq. gentilis. Circus cyaneus, Ci. mac-rourus, Clanga clanga and Accipiter brevipes were not found infested with the louse. There are some lice species reported for the first time in Turkey, put new records for the hosts and the country on record. Many Turkish birds are, however, yet to be screened for chewing louse infestation.

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