A fatal intestinal twist (mesenteric volvulus) : a sequalae of multiple parasitic infection in a dog

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2021
Authors:N. Babu_Prasath, Singh, K. P., Sahoo, M., Kumar, A., Madhwal, A., Deka, A., Yashica, K. A., Kumar, P.
Journal:Indian journal of veterinary pathology
Date Published:Jan-01-2021
ISSN:0250-4758, 0973-970X
Keywords:abdominal cavity, Alopecia, animal pathology, death, demodicosis, dermatitis, dogs, erythrocytes, furunculosis, gastritis, hemorrhage, ileum, India, infarction, jejunum, mucosa, mucus, necropsy, neutrophils, Pediculosis, stomach, Toxocara canis

The present report describes a case of mesenteric volvulus in a dog due to severe Toxocara canis infection along with co-infections of Chronic Demodicosis and Pediculosis by Heterodexus spiniger. A dog carcass with the history of sudden death and chronic skin disease was presented for necropsy. Carcass was scraggy with pale conjunctival mucus membrane. Grossly, skin revealed severe dermatitis characterized by alopecia, irregular thickening of skin, parasitic folliculitis with neutrophilic infiltrations. Numerous free moving lice were noticed over the entire body surface. On postmortem examination, abdominal cavity showed severe acute small intestinal torsion involving parts of jejunum and ileum on its mesenteric axis. Entrapped intestinal loops were markedly congested and haemorrhagic. Anterior part of small intestine was filled with partially digested food with huge package of Toxocara spp worms occluding the lumen. Strangulated intestinal wall was thick, oedematous and haemorrhagic. Histologically, stomach showed acute gastritis characterized by thickening of mucosa with infiltrations of erythrocytes and neutrophil in the submucosa. Intestinal wall was thick, oedematous and congested and revealed red infarction, severe submural haemorrhage and mucosal necrosis. Skin showed chronic demodicosis with parasitic mural folliculitis and furunculosis. Lice were identified as Heterodexus spiniger. Mesenteric volvulus due to severe Toxocara canis infection combinedly with pronounced chronic demodicosis and pediculosis was diagnosed. Besides mesenteric volvulus, this paper communicates the occurrence of Heterodexus spiniger in Uttar Pradesh, India.

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