Survey of rodents and their ecto-parasites at some animal farms in Minia Governorate, Egypt

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2022
Authors:A. El Roby, Hassan, H. Mohamed, Eshbah, H. Mohamed, Elhakeem, A. Abd
Journal:ournal of Modern Research
Date Published:Jan-01-2022
Keywords:Ecto-parasites, Egypt, Rattus rattus frugivorous, rodents, Survey

The main objective of this research is to recognize the rodent species prevailing under Minia region, Egypt conditions. The current study revealed the presence of three main species of rodents living in two animal farms (Salah El-Deen village and El-Minia district), El-Minia Governorate. These species of rodent were: Rattus rattus frugivorous; Rattus norvegicus and Mus musculus. The ectoparasites associated with these rodents were: two insects i.e., the louse, Polyplax spinulosa; the Flea, Pullex irritans as well as six mite species i.e., Ornithonyssus bacoti; Glycyphagus sp.; Myobia murismusculi; Dermanssus gallinae; Liponyssoides sanguineus and Cheyletiella parasitivorax. The mite species, O. bacoti; Glycyphagus sp. and C. parasitovorax were recorded on the bodies of R. r. frugivorous and R. norvegicus, but these species of mites were recorded from the body of the house mouse, M. musculus. The two mite species M. murismusculi and D. gallinae were recorded in association with the three surveyed rodent species. The fleas were more common with R. r. frugivorous and M. musculus, but completely disappeared with R. norvegicus. The louse, P. spinulosa was recorded on R. r. frugivorous and M. musculus and completely missed on R. norvegicus. In Shosha animal farm (Samalote district), only two rodent species were recorded (R. r. frugivorus and R. norvegicus), and the mite species accompanied with both rodent species were O. bacoti; Glycyphagus sp.; M. murismusculi and C. parasitivorax. While the lice, P. spinulosa were found only on the body of R. r. frugivorous and completely disappeared on R. norvegicus.

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