New data on the chewing lice (Psocodea: Phthiraptera) of domestic and wild birds in Türkiye

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2024
Authors:B. Dik, Yamaç E.
Journal:Veterinary Parasitology: Regional Studies and Reports
Pagination:10 pp
Date Published:Apr-01-2024
Keywords:Amyrsidea minuta, Guimaraesiella amsel, Kurodaia cryptostigmata, Kurodaia subpachygaster


  •  135 of the 206 wild birds examined were infested with lice.
  •   A total of 73 chewing lice species were identified, 34 of which were Amblyceran and 39 Ischnoceran.
  •   Some species were reported for the first time from Türkiye.
  •   Host species and individual number are correlated with lice species number.
  •   Host individual number is correlated with mean intensity of lice.

This study was carried out to detect the chewing lice species of domestic and wild birds in Türkiye, between the years of 2014–2021, and whether there is a correlation between the number of bird species and individuals and the prevalence, mean intensity and species of chewing lice. For this purpose, 206 bird samples as injured, or found dead on roads and gardens between these dates, in seventeen orders were examined for chewing lice. Of the 206 wild birds examined, 135 (65.53%) were infested with lice. A total of 73, of which 34 were Amblyceran and 39 were Ischnoceran chewing lice species, were identified. The genera Acidoproctus, Aegypoecus, Bonomiella, Esthiopterum, Gruimenopon, Heleonomus, Neopsittaconirmus, and the species Acidoproctus moschatae, Aegypoecus spp. (nymph), Amyrsidea minuta, Ardeicola maculatus, Ardeicola stellaris, Bonomiella columbae, Brueelia tasniemae, Colpocephalum nigrae, Colpocephalum percnopteri, Colpocephalum zerafae, Ciconiphilus pectiniventris, Esthiopterum gruis, Goniodes pavonis, Gruimenopon longum, Guimaraesiella amsel, Heleonomus macilentus, Kurodaia cryptostigmata, Kurodaia subpachygaster, Menacanthus kaddoui, Myrsidea isostoma, Neophilopterus tricolor, Neopsittaconirmus spp. (nymph), Pseudomenopon dolium, and Rallicola minutus are reported here for the first time. Based on statistical analysis, the host species and individual numbers are correlated with lice species numbers. It was also found that the host individual number is correlated with the mean intensity of the lice. Our results indicate that a large number of samples belonging to different host species are important in terms of data reliabilty.

Dik, Bilal and Yamaç, Elif, New Data on the Chewing Lice (Psocodea: Phthiraptera) of Domestic and Wild Birds in Türkiye. Available at SSRN: or

Reprint Edition:Online Feb 2024
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